About Us

The BlackSea Training Centre in Odessa is equipped with state-of-the-art Full Mission Engine Room Simulator powered by WinGD W-Xpert solution. ​

The simulators offer participants the opportunity to experience extreme situations like a complete power black-out or fire, gaining valuable knowledge and confidence.​ Full Mission Engine Room Simulator with Touchscreens provides a good scenario on the complexity of the sub-systems, equipment and machinery. This configuration forms a virtual engine room experience allowing a new challenge for your crew in engine room training.


BlackSea Training​ About us:​

    • Founded in 2018 as part of the Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement group.​
    • Equipped with the latest technology of UNITEST engine room simulators with 3D visualization applied on a touchscreen version.

    • Exclusive WinGD Training centre for Ukraine in the WinGD global Partner network for RT-Flex engine and LNG Dual Fuel (X-DF) engine training.

    • Experienced Trainers with LNG as Fuel Training for Equipment, Bunkering etc.

    • provides makers training for TGE Marine LNG tanks, Saacke boiler

    • BST BlackSea Training Center is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritias

  • involve your Engine Crew in our RT-Flex Full-Mission Simulator coursess

BlackSea Training provides:​

    • WinGD 2-stroke RT-Flex engine simulation training​
    • LNG as Fuel training / X-DF DualFuel
    • ECDIS - Voyage Planning berth to berth
    • Leadership and Crew Management training courses
    • Cadet training for initial familiarsation (Deck & Engine)
    • Training on Cargo operations for Heavy Lift vessels​
    • Assistance with your course arrangement for flights, accommodation, transfers​

    WinGD W-Xpert simulator is to prepare trainees for actual engine room operations, more specifically:​

    • Familiarization with the particular engine type, including the RT-Flex Engine Control System features and Operator’s Interface​
    • Familiarization with a generic engine room installation (WECS or UNIC, electric power plant systems, compressed air systems, fresh and sea water cooling systems, lubricating and fuel oil systems, etc.) and how the installation affects operation of the main engine.​