About Us

The BlackSea Training Centre in Odessa is equipped with state-of-the-art Full Mission Engine Room Simulator powered by WinGD W-Xpert solution. ​

The simulators offer participants the opportunity to experience extreme situations like a complete power black-out or fire, gaining valuable knowledge and confidence.​ Full Mission Engine Room Simulator with Touchscreens provides a good scenario on the complexity of the sub-systems, equipment and machinery. This configuration forms a virtual engine room experience allowing a new challenge for your crew in engine room training.


BlackSea Training​ About us:​

    • Founded in 2018 as part of the Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement group.​

    • Equipped with the latest technology of UNITEST engine room simulators with 3D visualization applied on a touchscreen version.

    • Exclusive WinGD Training centre for Ukraine in the WinGD global Partner network for RT-Flex engine and LNG Dual Fuel (X-DF) engine training.

    • Experienced Trainers with LNG as Fuel Training for Equipment, Bunkering etc.

    • provides makers training for TGE Marine LNG tanks, Saacke boiler

    • BST BlackSea Training Center is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritias

  • BlackSea Training - modern training fo sustainable vessels

WinGD W-Xpert simulator is to prepare trainees for actual engine room operations, more specifically:​

    • Familiarization with the particular engine type, including the RT-Flex Engine Control System features and Operator’s Interface​
    • Familiarization with a generic engine room installation
      • WECS9520 or UNIC,
      • electric power plant systems,
      • compressed air systems,
      • fresh and sea water cooling systems,
      • lubricating and fuel oil systems, etc.
    • how the installation affects operation of the main engine.​

    BST BlackSea Training member of SGMF  - society for gas as a marine fuel