Our WinGD RT-Flex Engine Full Mission Simulator​ - LNG as Fuel

WinGD W-Xpert / Full Mission Engine Simulator (FMS)

    • 4 Engine room stations with consoles with Flexible Touch-Screen Menue
    • Available Simulation for WinGD Engines:
      •  2-stroke WinGD RT-flex50DF Duel Fuel with a Shaft Generator and Wärtsilä L20 generating sets
      •  2-stroke WinGD W-X35
      •  2 stroke WinGD W-X62
      •  2 stroke WinGD W-X72
      •  2 stroke WinGD W-X82
      •  2 stroke WinGD W-X92
    • LNG - gas as fuel bunker simulation available

W-Xpert Virtual Engine Room Simulator

    • High-fidelity Simulations of an engine’s thermodynamics,
    • performance is based on mathematical modelling & calibrated according to actual products,
    • 3D graphical visualization, seamless transitions between 2D diagrams and 3D objects, and realistic sounds,
    • generic lay-out features to give a realistic, hands-on like experience of the onboard environment,
    • WinGD W-Xpert Simulators comply with the STCW Code Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12 and ISM Code Section 6 and Section 8.

W-Xpert Engine Simulator Training Includes:

    • engine training modes from "Dead Ship" to "Full Away" Condition
    • training emergency operating procedures faults occur on
      • low-speed main engine
      • supporting systems
      • auxiliary machinery
    • corrective action learning when faults occur
    • different faults can be simulated and mixed in the run-time or loaded from disk
    • our Full Mission Simulators (FMS) allows training of engine crew as one team to deal not only with WinGD two-stroke engines, but also with all engine room systems
    • LNG - gas as fuel bunker simulation scenarios available